Implementing Resilient IT Infrastructure in an Uncertain Time


Implementing Resilient IT Infrastructure in an Uncertain Time

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An organisation’s IT resiliency is its ability to adapt to both planned and unplanned events while still keeping core infrastructure, key services, and operations fully functional and running continuously. Without a doubt, the whole world is in the midst of such an unplanned event – The Coronavirus Pandemic – for which the outcome is still relatively unknown.

Nowhere is the pressure more apparent than in the healthcare and public sectors.

The pressure and scrutiny are apparent on organizations that derive their income through public funding and require transparency around resources – where the near future is yet to be defined and budgets and resources are put under continuous pressure to be reduced and optimized.

View this webinar on-demand to learn how healthcare and public sector organisations are adapting and planning for the future through:

  • Disrupted working patterns – remote and in the office
  • Adapting IT infrastructure that can be designed to be used under any scenarios
  • A growing threat from cybersecurity and ransomware / hacking attacks
  • Meeting regulatory and compliance constraints
  • Maintaining high-availability resources – both on and off-premises
  • Meeting backup and restoration policies and mechanisms
  • User behavior education and change management

Key Take-Aways:

You will learn how organizations are adapting and planning for the future through:

  • Infrastructure programs designed to be flexible and secure
  • More cost-effective solutions to accommodate reduced budgets and resources
  • New uses of technologies such as object storage with built-in resiliency


Francesco Giannoccaro

Francesco Giannoccaro – HPC and Cloud Solution Architect – Public Health England

Tammam Jamal

Tammam Jamal – Specialist Information Systems Engineer – Public Health England

Tomas Schimper

Tomas Schimper – Strategy – Knowledgepark GmbH

Chris Evans, Architecting IT – Analyst, Consultant & Blogger

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